Now is The Time to Get Serious

Over the past couple of months I been really struggling in school, I haven’t been doing school work or anything I’ve been just lying around my house dreading school and playing video games. You can say that I’m a “Slacker” I Mean I probably am because I don’t like school but I know I have to get it done because I am a senior in high school so I really need to find my “mojo” and focus on my school work. I have come to terms with my slacker ways and I decided I am going to try my hardest in school. For example I haven’t been posting much on here because I was too lazy to post but now I’m gong to make a second blog and post on these constantly. My new blog is going  to be about my favorite online game League of Legends. I chose to do this because I can start blogging about things that I like  do and see so it will prevent me from slacking off and I can get a good grade for the last few weeks of this class. However this class is ending soon but I’m still going to post and blog about my game and skiing because I want people to notice what Im doing or what I like to do. I feel like I can really make it big in video games and I pretty much practice every day so I have a good feeling that if I try hard and give my 100% in it I can make it big but at the same time I have to focus on more important things like school. School has always been my weakness though. I struggle the most in math but if being social was graded I would probably have an A+. I want to do well in school because I really want to make my family proud it’s not like they already are but I love seeing my family happy and proud of me so mostly I wanna get my diploma is because of my family.


Ready To Slay Your Local Mountain!

With ski season knocking on New England’s door, lets take time to clear our minds and think of the next rail trick with will be busting out and the next insane jump we are going to hit.

Recovering from epic summer adventures and crazy fall madness. I’d like to say that I’m very very excited to shred and hit some Urban. This years “steez” is going to be one for the books. We proudly get to move on from the backyard sessions and on to the mountains and some nasty urban.  What i really like about ski season is I get to shred with my bro’s.

As we load our ipods and MP3s with the new, fresh, old school, and dope music, Lets take time to imagine the ill lines we will be throwing and the sick video ideas we have in our heads. Don’t forget about safety though. It’s important that while we slay we don’t forget to strap on our helmets and any other safety equipment we are required to use. Also don’t forget to not try and dangerous tricks or dangerous urban. I would hate if people go hurt before the season actually begins. Strive for NO hospital bills!

Here are some gnarly NE skiers shredding some rails. taken from NS,

Title:   Killington Early Season
Uploader:   oliskiz123
Description:   Christian Franchino, Mike brewer, and friends skiing at killington shot and cut by oliver hoblitzelle
Credit:   oliver hoblitzelle (me)
Skier:   Christian Franchino, Mike Brewer, Rob Dresser…
Location:   killington
Playtime:   00:02:16

Uploaded On:   Nov 20th 20



From Wu-tang to lil Wayne the right music to shred too is endless. Personally I like to listen too Wiz Khalifa and some Old school rap. Music always gets me hyped to go ski. The right music is key. I’m sure people out there shred to Old school rock music Or classical music. My hype music is some Underground Wiz Khalifa. I always listen to Wiz when I wake up, going to school, during school, you name it and i listen to Wiz before im doing it or while. I live and breathe Wiz but at the same time im going back to my roots and discovering some more underground music. I believe that the mainstream music is too mainstream so I am listening to mixtapes of unkown rappers.

My Progression

I started freestyle skiing in 2011. With much dedication and time I managed to start 270’s out and hitting some grabs. I picked up some Atomic twin tip skies that were the perfect starter skies for me. I began to watch some videos on youtube of tricks and to help me  improve them. I hung out with some skiers at my local mountains and they taught me a few things on steez and my riding.

I’m really looking forward to the 12-13 season because I’ve been on my trampoline and my summer backyard set up learning some new rail tricks and getting a feel for flipping around. Over the summer I put together a crew to film with; we are also going to be putting together a web series for this upcoming ski season.. I’m so dedicated for the upcoming winter and I know it will be a great winter and I am really going to enjoy hanging out with the crew.

I’m not the kind of person that will stop something because I’m not goods at it. I work hard for my progression.

RedBull Dropped Tanner Hall?

Ever since I saw the instagram picture explain how RedBull dropped Tanner Hal,l I was very taken back. Why would RedBull drop Tanner? Was it because he came back into skiing with a different motive? Was it because he realized that skiing isnt about winning? Or maybe it was because he joined inspired media and realized skiing with style is so much better?

T-Hall slayed it in his video part of “The Education of style”. When he Joined up with Phil casabon and Henrik Harluat i think they changed his mind about skiing and he started to focus on his riding and his “steez”  Only god knows why they dropped him. I wish it was on better terms but shortly after they dropped him he went on to win a pipe contest. He followed up in the video with “look at me now RedBull”. To me tanner hall is a great pipe skier and he is a great person all around. Why RedBull dropped him is a mind blower, I wish that some sort of info would be put out but at the same time It’s their business.

I wonder where Tanner Hall will end up or what drink company he might go with. its a shame that it had to end this way but as long as T-hall keeps doing his thing and keeps his chin up im sure he will be happy.

article by Espn:



click that link for a gnarly NEW ski game.

it also could be found on

Shred Sauce has to be on of the illest Ski Games i have ever played. I found it on Newschoolers(which is a website where skiers like me go to post, check out vids, etc..)

you can pretty much do everything in that game and its constantly changing.

check it out!


Hey everybody. this is the start of my Freestyle ski blog. I will be interviewing kids Around New England and posting pictures and finding out what everybody rides on and their style, I will also be posting on some of the many conflicts and big news in the industry. Posts about my favorite skiers will be up and ill be doing skier bios from all around NE.

I’m pretty excited about this and i cannot wait to get started.

I’m going to be posting images of kids all around NE shredding. I’ll be interviewing riders and teams that are ill at what they do. ill be talking about a lot. its basically a dope sight for kids all around the world to check on riders and post vids and pictures of them shredding the illest lines and mountains.

ill also be posting on my new ski and film crew that me and a couple of new Hampshire kids have put together.

so stay tuned for the steez and prepare yourself for SHRED NE!!!